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Memory Care at a Nursing Home

When the individual needs of each resident are met through the development and implementation of an individualized treatment plan, each discipline's specific perspectives provide an opportunity for the center to ensure the resident is assessed in a holistic manner. Physical and Occupational Therapists, along with Speech-Language Pathologists, have the unique ability to identify areas of Mobility, Socialization Needs, Behaviors, and their impact on daily function, along with Communication and Swallowing challenges that can impact individuals with dementia.


Program Overview

There are several different aspects of a person's everyday function that can become compromised due to a diagnosis of dementia. Each therapy discipline has its own unique area of expertise to be able to address the areas that are most relevant to the patient's daily needs and functional abilities. Working alongside the Interdisciplinary team, therapists can provide guidance to families and improve the patient's functional abilities to work towards independence and reintegration back into the community.


Physical Therapy Services

Physical Therapists address areas of mobility, including walking, the use of adaptive equipment, getting in and out of a vehicle, and stair management to improve balance and reduce the risk for falls within a variety of environments. Whether it is within a structured setting or out in the community, Physical Therapy can instruct patients and their families on how to move about safely. 


Occupational Therapy Services

Occupational Therapists address a wide variety of Activities of Daily Living, from tasks such as bathing, dressing, and grooming to helping assess each individual's unique abilities and how they can best participate in social and leisure activities. Occupational Therapists work alongside the Interdisciplinary Team, including nurses and Social Workers, to work toward improving a patient's highest level of independence and optimal quality of life.


Speech Therapy Services

Speech-Language Pathologists play an active role in the advocacy, education, and training within areas of cognitive-communication and swallowing function for individuals with dementia, along with the families and staff members who care for them. Speech-Language Pathologists are able to evaluate and develop unique and person-centered treatment plans in the areas of cognitive-communication and swallowing function, helping to facilitate better outcomes within the therapy experience to improve the person's function and quality of life, focusing on abilities- based approach to a person's care.

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